Preparing and Cooking Your Golden Turkey

The Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association has the following tips for choosing and cooking your Christmas turkey.

One factor which can make all the difference to the flavour and texture of a turkey is whether or not it has been dry plucked and matured. This method of production is known as traditional farmfresh.

Also, ask your butcher how old the turkey is. The majority of birds are slaughtered as ‘teenagers’ (about 8-12 weeks), having been grown very quickly and cheaply. As a result, the flesh is effectively ’stretched’ and has no fat cover, resulting in meat that is often dry and coarse.

The Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association are reared for 2-3 times longer, to full adult maturity in a natural environment, and are never given additives for growth promotion.


As soon as possible after collecting your golden turkey, remove all packaging and store in a cool place, preferably the bottom of your refrigerator.

Suggested Cooking Times (remember ovens vary greatly)

 KILOS LBS With Foil / Hrs Mins
 4 8.8 2hrs 10mins
 5 11 2hrs - 2hrs 30mins
 6 13.2 2hrs 15 - 2hrs 45mins
 7 15.4 2hrs 45mins - 3hrs
 8 17.6 3hrs
 9 19.8 3hrs 15mins

The above times are a guidline only (Please Note: Oven temperatures vary greatly)

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