Only Our Turkeys Are Golden

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What is The Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee and What Does it Mean?

The Traditional Farm-fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) is a group of around 40 independent family-run farms across the UK supplying fresh traditional turkeys specifically for Christmas. The TFTA’s ‘Golden Turkey’ Quality Assurance Guarantee sets the standard for the very finest quality Christmas turkeys.

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Turkey, the year-round source of low fat, high protein meat

In the past, the turkey was always seen as a once-a-year treat at Christmas, with nearly 100 per cent of all turkeys being sold during December.

Today many people are making turkey a part of their regular diet. Did you know that turkey breast is the leanest of all meats, supplying just 115 calories and less than a gram of fat per 3-ounce serving (skinned)?

Did you also know that turkey is now available in many different forms? Read More Here

Golden Turkey Accreditation

Golden Turkey Accreditation

What is the Golden Turkey Accreditation Scheme? The Golden Turkeys Mark is The Gold Standard for Traditional Christmas Turkeys. To put it very simply it means that any farm displaying the Golden Turkey Logo has passed a rigorous inspection, is rearing a slow-growing...

It’s our Anniversary

It’s our Anniversary

This year is the 35th anniversary of The Traditional Farm-fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) - more recognised today as Golden Turkey® Farmers. The group of around 40 UK member farmers produce Traditional Christmas turkeys to the TFTA’s Golden Turkey® Quality Assurance...

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