We interviewed our Golden Turkey accredited farmer Richard Baldwyn from Lower Clopton Farm in Upper Quinton, Warwickshire, on the border of the Cotswolds. Richard is a fourth generation farmer running a family run business which includes beef, lamb, turkeys, some arable crops, vegetables and PYO soft fruit as well as running a farmshop, bakery and café. He found time to answer our questions below!


How long has Lower Clopton Farm been in farming and what made you join our association to become a Golden Turkey Farmer?

My Father was one of the original founder members of the TFTA when Golden Turkeys started over 30 years ago – so I have been producing turkeys all my life! I’m a fourth generation family farmer!

Do you produce anything else on your farm? What do you do in the first 6 months of the year, when not producing turkeys?

We are busy all year round as we produce lamb, beef and PYO soft fruit/pumpkins for our own farm shop. The first part of the year we try to recover from Christmas – then lambing and haymaking.

Who else do you normally sell Golden Turkeys to?

We sell direct from the farm shop, however also sell to butchers, farmshops, pubs and restaurants.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

As a family business we’re passionate about what we do – I love giving people the chance to taste produce at its best…raised, reared and grown on our farm.
We have excellent feedback from our customers and we were to win an award at the Rural Oscars – Best Farm Shop 2017.

What or who, inspires you?

Knowing I’m a custodian of the countryside and the challenge of looking after it for the next generation.

What was your first job?

My first job was plucking turkeys!

What would you be doing, if you weren’t a farmer?

I’d probably be bored! I always wanted to be a pilot.

Tea or Coffee?

Both – Tea & Coffee!

Favourite Book or Film?

Films – You can’t beat a good Bond film.

Favourite Food?

Golden Turkey!

Best way to relax after a stressful day?

A pint down the local pub.

Which social media platforms do you use for your Christmas Turkey business?

Facebook and Instagram.

How has the Corona Virus Pandemic affected your farm life and business?

Farm life hasn’t really changed but the shop has seen a massive increase in trade as people shop more local.

Are you making changes in the way you promote your Christmas turkeys?

I will be promoting more this year via social media – both to get butchers and other farm shops to promote our turkeys through their social media as well as using the video I made last year

Do you foresee any particular staffing problems this year, for the processing of the turkeys for Christmas?

Not especially, but finding good quality, seasonal labour is getting more difficult.

Further Detailshttp://www.lowerclopton.co.uk/

Facebook:  @Lower Clopton Farm Shop and Cafe




Golden Turkey Accreditation

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