Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee

The TFTA’s ‘Golden Turkey’ Quality Assurance Guarantee is the highest UK standard for the very finest quality Christmas turkeys.

The Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association was formed in 1984 by a group of like-minded farmers, passionate about producing the ultimate in Christmas Turkeys in terms of eating quality, welfare standards and environmental responsibility.

These principles continue today, and form the basis of the Golden Turkey accreditation to which all our farmers produce their festive birds to.

Golden Turkey Farmers choose slower-growing breeds and rear them as free-range on their farms to full maturity – approximately 6 months. The turkeys are dry plucked, finished by hand, and then dry aged, (matured in chilled rooms) like a game bird, for at least seven days.

Our special way of processing is in keeping with proven traditional practices, to ensure the finest texture and flavour for the most special meal of the year.


Our traditional method of production was recognised by the EU as qualifying for the award of ‘Traditional Speciality Guarantee’. This is recognition that our accredited Golden Turkeys really do have a special quality.

EU legislation provided a system to protect food names on a geographical or traditional recipe basis. The system highlighted regional and traditional food whose authenticity and origin could be guaranteed. Wine and cheese were some of the first to benefit, and within the UK the TFTA was the first product to gain recognition.

The scheme requires annual inspections to ensure that protected products continue to comply with specifications. It protects registered products against imitation throughout the EU, and enables them to carry an EU symbol to help consumers recognise their traditional, authentic nature.

Free Range Dressed Turkey

What Makes a Golden Turkey the best choice at Christmas?

You won’t find these birds with the Golden Turkey accreditation in a supermarket or large commercial stores Our member farmers only sell their Golden Turkey accredited festive birds at the farm gate, their online store or from selected farm shops, quality butchers and independent stores The Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee mark represents an accreditation which is only applied to birds meeting all aspects of the code of quality requirements When you order a festive bird with the Golden Turkey mark, you can be sure of an exceptional quality Christmas turkey, with rich flavour and succulence.

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Golden Turkey Accreditation

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