This year has been exceptional – highlighting our association and the benefits of our strict independent Golden Turkey quality assurance code, which all our member farmers proudly produce to.

Customers are increasingly keen to know the provenance of their food, wanting to support local family farms, who grow their birds traditionally and to high welfare standards. It’s particularly important this year, as we’re all hoping to be celebrating a proper Christmas, gathering around the table with our loved ones. 
Our accredited farmers are delighted to have a loyal following as customers discover the exceptional flavour and succulent texture of our Golden Turkeys.
Great Taste Award Success!
Our group of turkey farmers have over the last few years been entering the annual food and drink awards run by the Guild of Speciality Fine Foods, known as the Great Taste Awards. These are international awards, with increasing numbers of products entered every year, and presented in rounds for the expert judges from the food and drink industry to sample, review and mark.
We’re proud to announce that our TFTA group, has the greatest number of farms with Great Taste awards for their Christmas Turkey, than any other group of UK turkey farmers! 
This means that we are not only the top standard in the UK for growing and producing Christmas turkeys – but recognition that the Golden Turkey standard really does produce birds with exceptional flavour and texture. Win, Win!!
We currently have 50% of our member farms having received a Great Taste Award, and further to that we have three turkey producers who have won the top 3 star Great Taste Awards and two accredited farms have received the highly prestigious Golden Fork award!
Congratulations to winners of one star awards this year including Ledmacoy Turkeys and Appledore Turkeys, and two star award winners; Treway Farm, Hart’s Traditional Turkeys and Walter’s Turkeys.

Ed at Walters Turkeys said of their 2 star Great Taste Award;

‘To receive this two star award from Great Taste, the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards is an achievement we are extremely proud of and especially fitting for our golden anniversary year.  We are a family business, passionate about the welfare and production of the highest quality turkeys for Christmas, the 2 star great taste award really underpins everything we do to produce the very best turkeys for our customers’.


We’re all delighted for our accredited farmer Charlie Frederick at Temple Farm Turkeys – they received the top 3 stars for their turkey this year, and a few weeks later received the prestigious Golden Fork Award for East Anglia!

Charlie described his response to their very special awards;

We are all extremely pleased with firstly being nominated as a finalist for a Golden Fork award, but to win it as well is just superb!!

I believe that all the hard work and attention to detail when rearing the turkeys is really shown and Golden Turkeys has helped create this.Being part of the Golden Turkey farmers, their code of practice ensures that we rear our turkeys to the highest possible welfare standards, and the proof is the end product. Receiving fantastic feedback and winning the Golden Fork at the Great Taste Awards clearly highlights that a turkey reared to Golden Turkey standards really does taste better!

We hope you all enjoy wonderful celebrations this year, sharing your delicious, highly recommended Golden Turkey with your family at Christmas.

If you are interested in joining us and becoming an accredited Golden Turkey farmer – please contact us by completing the enquiry form on our website, including details of your current farming business.
For journalist enquiries please direct message us via our social media accounts.
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