Steve Childerhouse is an experienced poultry farmer, producing traditional free-range Christmas turkeys for his business, Great Gove Poultry since 1984. The farm has approximately 35 acres of grassland and woodland in Norfolk on which his free-range turkeys and geese are slow grown in a stress-free environment.
We find out a bit more about our accredited Golden Turkey farmer Steve and his seasonal poultry business…

When did you become an accredited Golden Turkey Farmer – and start producing Golden Turkeys for Christmas?

I can’t actually remember when I joined the Association but it must be at least 20 years or so ago.

How long have you been a farmer / in farming?

I was brought up on a farm and always had various different animals and birds when I was younger. I have been in farming since I left school.


Do you produce anything else on your farm?

We predominately produce turkeys and geese for Christmas, they are the mainstay of the farm. We also have a flock of breeding geese which we hatch our goslings from.

What do you do in the first 6 months of the year, when not producing turkeys?

I like to do some skiing at the beginning of the year and some other travel if possible. In February the geese start laying eggs ready to incubate in March.

Apart from selling direct to customers direct – who else do you normally supply Golden Turkeys to?

We supply to butchers, farm shops and from our farmgate. We help local charities by donating turkeys for their competitions. We also supply turkeys to a charity who feed the homeless at Christmas time in Norwich.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

It’s nice to be in control of what you do and being out in fresh air. I enjoy seeing the poults arrive at the farm in boxes as day-olds, then growing and feeding them right up to December. Then the processing, boxing and delivery to our various outlets or helping with the Christmas farmgate collection is also so rewarding.

What or who, inspires you?

Anyone who gets off their butts and have a go at something whatever that may be! A Positive Mind = Positive Results!

What was your first job?

My first job was certainly not the cleanest! After I left school I worked on a pig farm for a year before moving on to be a shepherd for 8 years, while building up my turkey business

Tea or Coffee?

Tough one, but it has to be tea!

Favourite Book or Film?

Walter Mitty – a must see to open your mind.


Favourite Food?

I really like cold turkey, sprouts, mashed spuds with butter and some good chutney – can’t beat it, having said that roast goose also takes some beating!!

Best way to relax after a stressful day?

A nice cold beer, with some crisps in the hammock…

How has the Corona Virus Pandemic affected your farm life and business?

How have you found the sourcing and management of the seasonal workers, for the processing of the turkeys for Christmas?

It was a bit more of an issue last year to find the correct people to help us. This year looks like it may be even harder.

Do you offer nationwide delivery?

Local Customers buying direct from us collect from the farm gate. We have plenty of staff to mitigate any long queues. This past year we offered a click and collect service that worked really well.

Do you offer nationwide delivery?

We offer nationwide delivery via one of our butchers.

Which social media platforms do you use for your Christmas Turkey business?

Mainly Facebook. We’ve just started an instagram page. 





Golden Turkey Accreditation

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