The Traditional Farm-fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) is a group of independent family-run farms, producing free-range Christmas turkeys – to the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Growing Standard. Our accredited ‘Golden Turkey’ farmers are passionate about producing exceptional Christmas turkey in terms of eating quality, higher welfare standards and environmental responsibility.
The TFTA are looking for family farmers in the UK who are interested in joining our association and produce slow grown, free range turkeys to the recognised, independent Golden Turkey accreditation. Member farmers work to a strict Code of Practice and are independently audited annually to ensure compliance to its high welfare standards.
Formed in 1983 our members range from known brands to local farm gate suppliers. These family farmers produce between 200 and 10,000+ traditional, highest quality, free-range birds each Christmas.
The farmers select high welfare, slower growing strains that are reared for more than 20 weeks, free-ranging in the daytime, from 6 weeks on the farm’s paddocks or pastures. From 20 – 26 weeks the birds are processed on their farm. The turkeys are then dry-plucked and hung like a game bird for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days, which develops a succulent rich flavour to the meat. The processing and dry maturing processes require proper facilities and refrigeration to ensure food safety and consistent high quality. These special artisan products are only sold  through selected butchers, farm shops and direct from each member’s farm.
The distinctive Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee logo represents an accreditation which is only applied to our member’s birds which meet all aspects of code of quality requirements.The expert care and use of traditional production practices is assured by the TFTA (and is uniquely recognised by the TSG status), guaranteeing meat of exceptional texture and flavour.
Our farmers can provide their customers with peace of mind that by purchasing a Golden Turkey they are making a superior choice. 
As consumer appreciation grows for high quality, concern for animal welfare and supporting locally produced food – so does the opportunity for farmers to be associated with products they can trust and feel proud to support. This is a great time to produce to the Gold Standard in traditional free-range Christmas turkeys!
The association appeared in Farming Monthly’s online magazine in May, with a great feature discussing the TFTA, its ethos and the rewards of producing as a Golden Turkey Farmer. It’s definitely worth a read!
A new leaflet has been produced by the TFTA which outlines the requirements and the benefits of becoming a member, and producing to the strict traditional code of practice to achieve the accreditation. The TFTA offers a wide range of benefits from technical help and advice from our community of like-minded farmers to full marketing support and farm tours from our members.
If you would like to know more, check our social media accounts or “About Us’ section of this website – and request our new TFTA membership leaflet.
Look out for our turkey farmers posts on social media as they welcome this year’s turkey poults for Christmas 2021.


Golden Turkey Accreditation

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