Alex Hollywood Christmas Turkey Recipe

Alex Hollywood’s Christmas Turkey Recipe

Alex has created this delicious recipe especially for us. A free range Golden Turkey with orange, lemon, tarragon and garlic butter accompanied by a sensational rich gravy.

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What is The Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee?

The Traditional Farm-fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) is a group of independent family-run farms across the UK producing free range turkeys specifically for Christmas – to their Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Growing Standard. Our ‘Golden Turkey’ Quality Assurance Guarantee sets the standard for the very finest quality free range Christmas turkeys.

So why choose our birds?

Turkey, the year-round source of low fat, high protein meat

In the past, the turkey was always seen as a once-a-year treat at Christmas, with nearly 100 per cent of all turkeys being sold during December.

Today many people are making turkey a part of their regular diet. Did you know that turkey breast is the leanest of all meats, supplying just 115 calories and less than a gram of fat per 3-ounce serving (skinned)?


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Our Golden Turkey Accreditation

Our Golden Turkey Accreditation

We’re the only independent standard in the UK for Traditional Farm-fresh, Free-Range Christmas Turkeys! It’s fantastic, especially given the current situation, that our group of Golden Turkey farmers and members of the TFTA, are so passionate about rearing and...

Farmer-Focus : Hart’s Traditional Turkeys

Farmer-Focus : Hart’s Traditional Turkeys

We interview Robert Hart of Hart’s Traditional Turkeys, our only Golden Turkey accredited farmer in Gloucestershire. Robert has plenty to tell us, some great news, and is clearly passionate about their very family-orientated traditional Christmas turkey business… How...

Farmer-Focus : Sam’s Turkeys

Farmer-Focus : Sam’s Turkeys

Our Golden Turkey accredited farmer Sam Figgis is a fifth generation farmer, producing turkeys on the family’s fruit farm in Kent. Sam’s bronze turkeys are fortunate to have a plentiful supply of spare apples from their orchards, which is a popular treat in the autumn...

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