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About The Farm

Welcome to John Wright Turkeys – Traditional Free-range Farm Fresh Christmas Turkeys.

Our traditional bronze turkeys are a proper, old-fashioned breed, matured slowly on grass to develop a succulent, fuller flavour. They are hand plucked and hung to create a great tasting bird which is full of tender, juicy meat, ensuring that only the very best will grace your table, this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

After joining the TFTA in 2000 we have been encouraged to expand the farm gate trade and last year we sold almost 500 direct to customers with more going to butchers and farm shops.

The farm was originally a dairy farm with arable, growing wheat, barley and clover leys for sheep. Beef cattle and pigs were kept until the crash of farming market in the 1990’s when they all were sold. The farm has evolved into an all arable farm growing wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans.

Thank to the turkeys our farm has survived and grown.

Turkey As A Power Food

It is hard to picture a holiday feast without the turkey but did you realise this Christmas and Thanksgiving classic is a Power Food?

Turkey is a great source of minerals, particularly selenium which promotes sleep and boosts immunity. Other essentials include iron, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin C.

Group B vitamins are also found in turkey so everything is there to help energy production. It is also a high-protein food which keeps you feeling full after eating and helps control insulin levels.

Studies have also found that free range turkeys foraging in natural pastures rich in clover, like ours, have higher levels of the beneficial omega-3 in the meat.

So the benefits of eating turkey include reduced cholesterol levels, promoting sleep, boosting immunity and helping to control blood sugar levels.

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