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About The Farm

Welcome to Madgett’s Farm, Gloucestershire. The farm is owned and run by husband and wife team Daryn and Elaine Williams.

We at Madgetts are passionate about producing the best Christmas Turkey possible, which is why we have joined the Golden Turkey Accreditation Scheme. We are proud to be able to display the Golden Turkey logo on our birds and on our website. 

As part of the accreditation scheme, we rear our birds in the traditional way and that means with the utmost regard for quality, welfare standards and the environment they live in.

The bronze turkeys arrive at our farm as day-old chicks and settle into their safe, warm houses until they are fully feathered and waterproof. At around 7 weeks old they are allowed to roam freely on our holistic grassy fields. To ensure the flavour of your Christmas meal is exactly as you would like it we chose a slower growing breed of turkey and rear them to full maturity. All of our birds are fed on a natural cereal diet. When the time comes we dry-pluck, hand finish and hang the birds for at least 7 days

Our way of processing is the traditional method and the reason for doing this is that it is proven to give the meat the finest texture and a suburb taste, perfect for making  the best meal for you at Christmas

We are one of the largest producers of free-range geese in the UK, and hatch and supply goslings to other goose producers. Our geese are bred from our own breeding flock, and hatched, reared and processed on our farm, overlooking the Wye Valley.

For more information about how we raise our birds or to place an order for your Christmas turkey please contact us using our details above or complete the form below.


Daryn and Elaine

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