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About The Farm

Turkey rearing began at Eastwick Hall Farm in 1970, when Walter May reared 150 turkeys in the back garden to sell at Christmas. Over the following years his son David built the business up further and began to rear wholesale turkeys for another producer, whilst also steadily increasing the numbers of turkeys that were produced for Christmas. The business at its peak, was rearing 15,000 turkeys all year round, of which 13,000 were for another producer to the wholesale and catering market.

The business is now run by 3rd generation Peter May along with his partner Lizzie, who run the Christmas turkey enterprise alongside their busy agricultural and amenity contracting business. The year round turkey stags have ceased, following the sharp decline in demand due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but these have been replaced with 12 commercial lets on the farm.  They also run a flourishing biomass business, taking in brash, logs, wood etc, which is chipped on farm and sent to local power stations for burning to create electricity.

Currently we rear 1,600 free range bronze turkeys for the Christmas market, with plans to increase this year on year. We pride ourselves on rearing the best turkeys, to the highest welfare standards possible, which means they are hand reared from the day they are born, and then go outside at about 8 weeks old (when they no longer need heat) to enjoy sunshine and fresh air in our grass paddocks & woodland.

All our Christmas turkeys are processed on the farm, by hand, to ensure not only a premium Christmas turkey for our customers, but also so that they are treated with care and consideration at all times.

All of our turkeys are individually packaged in our own branded boxes and wrapped in greaseproof bearing the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance stamp.  Included with each turkey are vac sealed gilblets, a comprehensive cooking booklet containing cooking instructions & guides for preparing your turkey and recipes for the left overs, plus a Pop Rite Turkey Timer and a sprig of fresh mixed herbs.

We welcome visitors any time to the farm to see what we do and how the turkeys are reared, as we feel it is important to be completely transparent and to show our customers exactly how we produce our Premium quality Christmas turkeys.


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