We’ve interviewed Celebrity Chef, Rachel Green, who has been championing the TFTA and their exceptional Golden Turkeys for some time – presenting and advising how to cook your Golden Turkey at Food Shows and developing an extensive range of recipes for both Christmas day and leftover turkey. So what do you know about Rachel Green…?

Who are you and what do you do? 

I am Rachel Green, a chef, farmer, food campaigner, author and speaker from Lincolnshire. My family have been farming in Lincolnshire for 14 generations.

How did you start working as a food writer and food presenter at events

Food writing and presenting evolved from my attendance at food festivals. I was asked to present on stage, probably due to my rather lively and interactive cookery demonstrations. I recall being on stage with your Chairman Philip Regan at Countryfile Live, it’s always great to cook and chat at the same time, and quite a skill some might say! 
Food Writing came naturally. I am always jotting down recipe ideas and having written two cookery books, I was asked to do recipe development for a number of brands, like Golden Turkeys, Seafish, British Growers, Taste of Game, Fairburns Eggs and Freshgro. I absolutely love being creative with good quality ingredients.

How long have you been writing delicious recipes, working with food photographers and achieving fantastic results with Golden Turkey at Christmas?

I have worked with some great photographers; Michael Powell (who is also Lincolnshire-based), Steve Lee and David Loftus – we all work incredibly well together, which is why the Golden Turkey recipes look so delicious! You can always tell if you have hit the mark with a good photo, when it literally has you salivating and you want to eat it immediately! I have to say I felt that with the Turkey, Brie and Cranberry sandwich, and therefore it has to be one of my favourite leftover turkey recipes.

What do you like about the turkeys produced to the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee?

I am a big fan of the TFTA ethos. Being from a farming family myself, I know how hard it is, and equally with the turkey producers I have seen first hand how dedicated and passionate they are about offering the consumer the best turkeys. Their independently assessed quality assurance guarantee reassures the customer that they are buying a product which has been raised on family farms to high welfare standards.

What would be your ideal accompaniments to a roast Golden Turkey on Christmas Day?
My turkey roast accompaniment is all the usual festive trimmings, roasties cooked in duck fat, parsnips, Brussels sprouts with peas and orange. Lots of stuffing (see my recipe online), turkey gravy and my bread sauce with clotted cream!  

What tips would you give to those attempting their first cook at home Christmas this year?

Do not overcook your turkey – Golden Turkeys only require a minimal cooking time – do check the website for details.

What are your favourite leftover turkey meals and why?

There are so many! I think over the years, I have written, developed and styled over 30 recipes for the TFTA, so I am spoilt for choice. My friends love the peanut butter turkey curry.

This year I included Turkey Eggs Benedict in my recipe selection, and I will definitely be serving it up in Boxing Day morning, accompanied with some fried leftover Christmas pudding!

Further Details:  www.rachel-green.co.uk

Twitter: @ChefRachelGreen 

Instagram: @rachelgreen.chef

Facebook: @Rachel Green, Celebrity Chef

















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