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About The Farm

Bridgers Farm is an established family-run Game Farm, located on the outskirts of Hurstpierpoint, nestled beneath the South Downs in the heart of Sussex. We have been rearing Turkeys for over 30 years and our mission is to ensure that all our birds have an enjoyable life.

Our birds are cared for and pampered by Anthony Harris and his expert team. Passionate about promoting healthy eating, he has recently appeared on television, radio and a broad range of broadcasting mediums, widely recognised as a leading expert in his field (pardon the pun)

We raise traditional bronze and white fresh farm turkeys including both free-range and barn reared. We pride ourselves on caring for our birds in outstanding welfare conditions and we are proud to have sustained the Golden Turkey quality standards kitemark for the past 12 years.

There is no other Turkey farm in Sussex with this quality standard and it is the opinion of our customers (see some of our reviews below) that you simply will not find a better tasting bird!

In fact some of our customers have been with us since Bridgers Farm opened its doors over 30 years and our aim is to keep them (and you!) coming back each time you have a celebration and in particular for your big day at Christmas

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“Now that I’ve found you, I’ll never let you go!!”

Anne Simmonds

“I wouldn’t get a turkey from anywhere else. They are superb.”

Kate Teague Bull

“The turkey we had in December was the first from you and the best we have ever had. It was amazing taste wise cooked really well and would never think of going elsewhere.”

Howard Bostock
“I wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the turkey, definitely the best ever! Also, the way the whole process was run was fantastic. I parked up, wrote my cheque and collected my turkey – all in less than 10 minutes! Will definitely be returning next year.”
Jill Hewitt
Bridgers Turkeys Hurstpierpoint Golden Turkeys

Bridgers Farm is proud to be the only accredited Free Range “Golden Turkey” producer in Sussex

When you order a Free Range “Golden turkey” you can be sure of the tastiest possible Christmas meal!

The Golden Turkey 12-point Quality Assurance Code guarantees our turkeys are:

  1. Reared and produced with the greatest care by independent farmers, dedicated to producing the finest turkeys
  2. Grown slowly to full maturity
  3. Fed rations containing at least 70 per cent grain with no animal protein and never given additives for growth promotion
  4. Never given antibiotics except as prescribed by a vet
  5. Free Range Turkeys have open daily access to grazing for at least 11 weeks
  6. Always handled with extreme care by experienced staff under the personal supervision of the farmer
  7. Regularly bedded with comfortable straw or soft wood shavings
  8. Grown on farms independently inspected to ensure qualification for the ‘Golden Guarantee’
  9. Slaughtered on the farm to avoid the stress of long distance transportation
  10. Always dry plucked and hung for at least seven days to mature and develop the natural flavours unique to this traditional type of production
  11. Processed in facilities inspected by the local Environmental Health officer or Meat Hygiene Service
  12. Supplied with a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event of customer dissatisfaction

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Golden Turkey Accreditation

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