Hollin Root Farm

Hollin Root Farm

Hollin Root Farm

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Welcome to Hollin Root Farm

Nestling in the beautiful Weald of Kent, near to the quaint villages of Cranbrook and Headcorn, Hollin root is home to Simon and Kim Everett, who rear traditional and rare breed lamb, pork, bronze turkeys and beef. 

Here on our small farm, together with friends and family, we rear traditional and rare breeds of livestock.  Our interest in these breeds has developed since we came here in 2002.  We believe you can really taste the difference from the commercial, mass-produced meat available in the supermarkets.

Our concept is to rear happy, healthy animals using a traditional, free-range approach.  This in turn helps us provide top quality produce to our customers.  Using low input methods and allowing the animals time to mature naturally speaks for itself.  Feeding them on a natural diet with no growth promoters and handling them with care and compassion are extremely important.

Our customers return year after year which is all the encouragement we need as we know our system works and we can take pride in our animals, our produce and our little farm.

Our Turkeys

We rear a flock of 500 bronze turkeys for Christmas. The birds arrive on the farm as day-old chicks. For the first 5 weeks they spend their days under heaters in our barn, until their feathers have hardened up. From 6 weeks they are free to roam out in our fields. The birds can come and go to the barn as they please and at night we round them all up and put them to bed. We raise the birds until full maturity, around 26 weeks. 

When the time comes we process the birds in the old fashioned way, dry plucked and hand finished before game hanging. Finally, they are packed into boxes ready for collection.

The Milking Parlour

The Milking Parlour

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