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Free Range Christmas Turkey Reared In Kent

John Howe Turkeys

John Howe Turkeys

Lotland Farm,
Biddenden Road,
Tenterden, Kent,
TN30 6TD

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Our Free Range Christmas Turkeys

The care and attention to detail we give to our turkeys are the very things that are essential to flavour. At John Howe Turkeys, good or okay just won’t do, it’s only excellence that we look for in our turkeys and this is evident in the taste. 

Wild Turkeys are native to huge expanses of North American Forrest. We firmly believe that the only way to produce a good quality Christmas Turkey is to ensure that the natural habitat enjoyed by their wild cousins is replicated as much as possible for the birds on our farm. Turkeys love to explore their surroundings, playing in dust baths and roosting on straw bales, low branches and fences. At night they take themselves off to bed on the deep straw beds in the barns and field shelters, where they go for warmth and protection, away from the elements and with a constant supply of fresh food and water.

Free Range White Turkey

Our classic, white feathered free range Turkeys were first introduced to the farm by John Howe in 1976. We have produced them for Christmas ever since and their popularity continues to grow. The birds are selected from one of about six different breeds reared on the farm, which allows us to produce a variety of different weights, without having to compromise on the quality of our farming or the maturity of the bird. The meat of the white bird is succulent, tasty and great for those who love breast meat, whilst the generous thighs and wings cater for those at the table who prefer the darker meat.

Free Range Bronze Turkey

The bronze Turkey is more closely related to the wild Turkey in both appearance and taste. As with our white feathered birds we maintain variety by rearing several different breeds on the farm. Over the last few years the popularity of the bronze breeds has risen dramatically, with many people enjoying their richer, gamier taste.

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