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Local free range turkeys

Sam’s turkeys are traditionally raised for higher welfare

Sam Figgis is a 5th generation farmer in Hernhill.  He is pursuing his childhood dream of rearing livestock.  It all started with 4 pigs and a few turkeys at the bottom of the garden. The birds are raised on Wey Street Farm is situated between Faversham and whitstable.

The Figgis family have been family in the village of Hernhill for over 100 years. The farm produces – apart from their fantastic turkeys- Apples, strawberries and plums.




The centrepiece of your table

At Sam’s Turkeys all of our turkeys are reared to the highest welfare standardsThey are free to range the meadow and grassland which makes up nearly 4 acres of land on our farm. Traditionally grown over a longer period of time than your standard supermarket turkey.  This allows the tenderness and flavour to develop, making this bird turkey the centrepiece of your table.


Higher welfare free range turkeys.

I am a 5th generation farmer in Hernhill, Kent with a wealth of experience rearing Bronze Turkeys. The pursuit of my childhood dream to rear livestock started with 4 pigs and a few turkeys at the bottom of the garden. Since then, Sam’s Turkeys has grown from an entrepreneurial endeavour into a well-known and trusted brand which welcomes new and returning customers every year for their traditional, Christmas Day centrepiece. All the birds on our farm are guaranteed under the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance scheme as a premium product so you are always guaranteed to receive the highest standard.

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